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  • "Spaces of the Real: How Sensors Will Change the Way We See the World," by Geoff Cohen, Perspectives on Business Innovation, Issue 9.  This is a fairly recent paper I wrote on embedded sensors, RFID, and wireless sensor networks.
  • "The Bionic Organization," by Geoff Cohen and John Parkinson, Perpsectives on Business Innovation, Issue 8.  An article I wrote about a meeting of the CGEY Technology Advisory Board, which included Clay Shirky, David Clark, Usama Fayyad, Chris Shipley, and Alan Kay.  A smart bunch of people!
  • "An Open Letter to the Software Nobility," by Geoff Cohen and Alan Radding, January 2002.  A particularly good paper on the future of software.
  • "Travels in Silicon," by Geoff Cohen and Mukul Kanabar, June 2001. An article on the future of wireless devices, which picked up on the 802.11b wave a year or so before the mainstream press.
  • "Taking Up Serpents: How ASPs are Changing the Face of Consulting," by Geoff Cohen, Perspectives on Business Innovation, Issue 6.  An article that was either wrong or terribly ahead of its time.  I still think that application service providers are a valid and viable business model, but the dot.com bust took many of them out.
  • "Pushing Platforms: Corporate Venture Funds," by Geoff Cohen, Perspectives on Business Innovation, Issue 5.  This article is also pretty pre-dot.com bust, but there's still an interesting argument in there, I think, about the subtle ways in which hardware or software companies can influence adoption of their platforms.

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